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Accessing the effectiveness of policies

In 2019, the Ontario government introduced new laws and stiffer punishments for distracted driving. Such laws are necessary and advocated owing to the number of deaths and collisions annually due to distracted driving.


This case study demonstrates how to ascertain if these laws are effective in reducing the number of deaths and collisions resulting from distracted driving. 

Dynamic Business-IS Alignment

The fundamental premise of Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the alignment of the organization's business objectives and Information Systems (IS) that support them. In addition, the business objectives should be at the center of EA and drive it. However, does the centrality of business objectives allows organizations to adapt their architectures in the current dynamic business environment characterized by rapid and often discontinuous changes?


This case study demonstrates an adaptive enterprise architecture framework which allows for anticipating and supports proactively, adaptation in enterprise architectures as and when the business evolves.

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