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Meet BroadBase Metrics

As a decision intelligence company, BroadBase Metrics utilizes artificial intelligence, business intelligence, conceptual modelling and data analytics methods and tools to enable organizations to achieve data-driven evidence-based decision making. We carry out the dynamic analysis of data to derive insights that enable demonstrating the success of programs and services in achieving business or policy objectives, societal outcomes or impacts and return on investment. 

Our approach ensures organizations are equipped with better evidence to report and describe how business and policies perform and identify priority areas of focus and opportunities for continuous improvement.

Are you able to:

  • Demonstrate that your program and services intended behavioural changes were achieved and societal outcomes will be accomplished?

  • Prove that you are targeting the right objectives to attain your intended societal outcomes?


  • Use data and evidence to gain and maintain a consensus on both these objectives and the societal outcomes?


  • Prove that your program or service is efficient (its benefits exceed the costs involved in its administration)


  • Establish a credible Return on Investment (ROI) on your efforts?

If not, contact BroadBase Metrics today​.

Okhaide Akhigbe PhD
Founder & CEO

Okhaide Akhigbe is the founder of BroadBase Metrics. He has over 15 years of professional and research and development experience in the Information Technology domain, focused on decision intelligence and business-IT alignment. Okhaide has worked at different domains and functions within Information Technology from lower to higher levels in Nigeria, the United Kingdom and Canada. He obtained a Ph.D. in Electronic Business from the University of Ottawa in 2018 where he researched a method regulators can use to demonstrates if regulations are effective.

Okhaide also serves as a part-time professor at the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa and Sprott Business School at Carleton University. 

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